Re-elect Champaign County

State's Attorney Julia Rietz

Julia Rietz, Champaign County State's Attorney

Julia Rietz has been honored to serve Champaign County as State's Attorney since 2004.  A proven, experienced prosecutor who started her legal career as an Assistant State's Attorney, during her 3 terms Julia has returned the Champaign County State's Attorney's Office to its previous reputation as a strong, fair, progressive public prosecutor's office.  Julia has established strong working relationships with local law enforcement, elected officials, community organizations, and social service providers to make Champaign County a leader in modern criminal justice practices.  Julia lives in rural Urbana with her husband, retired Urbana Police Officer Al Johnston, and their children.

Over her three terms as Champaign County State's Attorney, Julia is most proud of:

  • the use of modern forensic science, professional investigative technics, and strong prosecution in  numerous high profile criminal cases resulting in accountability for those who victimize our most vulnerable citizens
  • the growth of Champaign County's Children's Advocacy Center to include a dedicated Child Forensic Interviewer and enhanced services for child victims and their families
  • the moderization of court processes through the use of technology and training
  • the enhancement of the Civil Division to include a Civil Division Chief and support staff, allowing stronger representation of Champaign County government on a wide variety of legal issues
  • the creation of Champaign County's Youth Assessment Center, providing social service referral, support and monitoring of juvenile offenders to keep them out of the court system
  • the proven success of Parenting with Love and Limits, a youth and family counseling program added to Champaign County's social service array, giving youth and families the tools they need to be productive members of the community
  • the addition of our Second Chance Courts, giving first offenders the opportunity to take responsibility for their behavior, make restitution to their victims, and move forward without a felony record
  • the lifesaving opportunities brought about by her work in encouraging cooperation between law enforcement, our coroner, and medical professionals to allow organ donation in traumatic death and homicide cases

Support Julia In Her 2016 Re-election Campaign

Champaign County is a growing, diverse community. Its citizens are informed and passionate. Its leaders are true public servants working on complex issues. Its law enforcement agencies are true professionals serving the public. Its social service agencies are dedicated to helping the most vulnerable. Champaign County State's Attorney Julia Rietz has proven over her three terms in office that she, working cooperatively with these individuals and agencies, can protect the community, enforce the law, give individuals opportunities for support and growth, and follow her ethical obligation to do justice. Julia looks forward to continuing her successes in office as she focuses on: 

  • enhancing Domestic Violence prosecution with the addition of Domestic Violence Court
  • collaborating with local providers and our sheriff to create an Adult Assessment Center for adult offenders who suffer from mental illness
  • working with court officials to increase on-line and integrated options for case processing
  • partnering with law enforcement and community leaders to respond to gun violence in the Champaign County community

With your help in the 2016 campaign, Julia looks forward to re-election so she can continue her work on behalf of Champaign County's citizens. Thank you for your support!

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